5 pilot projects

Through the Upcycling Trust Project, CLTs in Cork, Ghent, Lille, Rennes, and Brussels will set up pilots where legal, organisational, technical, and financial strategies will be developed, and the first homes will be upcycled.


The pilot in Lille will address the needs of social tenants (15 dwellings), owner-occupiers (49 dwellings), and private lessors (21 dwellings) in the “Petit Maroc” district. The goal is to ensure the long-term affordability and improve the quality and energy efficiency of these homes using circular building techniques. Four Upcycling Trust partners will support the project in Lille: The City of Lille, Living 2030, Lille European Metropolis (MEL), and Metropole of Lille Housing (LMH). The City of Lille, which leads the Upcycling Trust Project, will manage and coordinate the partnership, ensuring proper progress and coordination.


The pilot project in Ghent aims to sustainably renovate 15 former social houses and rebuild two former social houses. These homes will then be rented out as social housing through the social housing association. CLT Ghent will be the sole project partner, contributing legal, financial, and community-building expertise.

Photo: CLT Ghent 


In Cork, the Upcycling Trust project aims to upcycle vacant buildings downtown while spreading the CLT model and establishing the Cork Community Land Trust (CCLT). Two organizations, Self Organised Architecture Research CLG (SOA) and the Cork City Council, will support the pilot project.

Photo: David Butler 


The pilot project in Brussels aims to renovate and launch three to five homes as part of the Upcycling Trust Project. This initiative will primarily focus on homes owned by precarious homeowners due to the lack of sufficient social housing in the city. Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) will lead the pilot project, leveraging over 10 years of experience, including their work on the Interreg-funded project SHICC.

Photo: Community Land Trust Brussels 


Rennes Métropole's project consists in studying the CLT (BRS) housing projects already developed in the Maurepas district and in the old center of Rennes, in order to multiply the process to promote the accessibility of housing throughout the city. It will also assess the feasibility of the Rennes Métropole OFS buying back CLT (BRS) housing in one or more Villejean condominiums in difficulty, in order to help condominium residents renovate their homes.

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